I’ve got a new craft idea.  It’s a snowman.

Supplies needed:

  • A toilet paper tube, at best, but a paper towel tube will do
  • white paper (NOT card stock.  It won’t bend enough).
  • tooth pick
  • brown crayon
  • black pencil/pen
  • Optional: another toothpick w/ orange crayon OR an orange pencil
  • something sharp
  • tape
  • a ball of crumpled white paper

WARNING: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING PROJECT  (Note: It’s much easier with a small toilet paper roll tube!)

Wrap the white paper around the card board tube.  Then take the loose top and bottom of the paper and squeeze it through the hole on the top and bottom of the tube.  Next, take your sharp item and poke a hole through the wrapped tube near the top.  Color with the brown crayon the toothpick and stick it through the hole.  Now take more white paper and wrap the crumpled paper in it so it looks sort of like a white ball.  After that, tape it up so the paper cannot come off the crumple.  Now take up your sharp thing again and poke a very thin and small hole almost right through the ball, a little lower than the middle of it.  But don’t go all the way through and out the other side. Just poke till the sharp thing is touching the white wrapping and is out of the crumple.  Color another toothpick orange before sticking it inside the hole for its nose OR color a carrot on the paper where the hole was going to be (but don’t put the hole there).  Now use your black pencil or pen to make its mouth an eyes.

I hope you enjoy your Snowman!


Dizzywood.com is a great place for your sons and daughters.  It doesn’t have anything that is abusive to christians, so it’s fine to join!  It’s very protected.  You can use this link to visit Dizzywood.com!

Crittershttp://play.dizzywood.com/Boy and Girl Explorers

You can dress up your character, and choose between boys or girls!  Dizzzywood also has a site to help you with it, and get to know it better


The Story of the Lost Horse

By Carly (six years old!)


One day a little girl had a horse. The girl noticed that she didn’t have the horse in the stable. The girl thought the horse ran away. The girl said to herself, “The horse ran away at last.” So she went off looking for it. Her hair rattled in the wind. She was going to fast to run. At last she stopped at a driveway and a brown horse with a star on top was standing there.  She knew it was the same one she had, so she rushed to it and got on.  The horse rushed away to the old shack.  When the horse was rushing, the girl lost her jacket.  She stopped the horse and ran.  When she got her jacket, she got on the horse again and the horse went rushing off again.  It was too long of a ride. When the girl got back to the shack, it was rotting. But the stable was fine.  The garage wasn’t there—it used to be attached to the house.  She saw a big pile of wood and she knew the garage rotted, too.  She found a new house to live in and made a cake for herself because it was her birthday.  The girl suddenly ran off. She got on her horse and ran off.  She had her backpack on.  The girl tried hard to hold on but shelost her jacket again.  Then she noticed it wasn’t the right horse. (This current horse is brown with a white star on top and this reminder wasn’t part of the story, BTW!) Her horse was as white as snow with a brown top and a star on top. The girl found a measuring tape.  It wasn’t the same size.  Her horse was almost a full grown horse. It was the biggest foal she’d ever seen.  The girl said to herself, “My horse is lost!”

Well, adorable kid, isn’t she? I mean, check out the punctuation, strong verbs and all! “Her hair rattled in the wind.” Okay, so it’s close, but that’s the point!  And, I know, it’s hilarious that she could mistake a brown horse with a star on top for a snow-white horse with a star.  But it was cute, wasn’t it?

-The daughter of me



By Ashley M





When Mom is smiling, you can’t help but to laugh and have such a grand time watching the beautiful, motherly face smile at you;

When Mom laughs, you just feel like the luckiest in the world, because of your mother who seems like a guardian, always watching you.

If Mom is feeling so grand, you just have to laugh at your fears of school and other worries;

When Mom looks at you lovingly, you can’t help a gigantic smile for her,

When Mom helps you up, you feel she is such a sweetheart evn though she always calls you that;

When you’re spending time with her, you can’t say anything that doesn’t aply love;

When you’re talking about something you did wrong, she understands and doesn’t blame you;

When Mom is being “bullied” by your younger brother, you can’t help standing up for her,

And finally, when Mother is tired and you want to tell her something before she takes a nap, you can’t tell her how amazing she is

Without starting to cry perhaps or laugh with joy, and that is what makes Mom’s day.


Here we post pages and comments about our daughters, and, if you like, their names. Just please do not put in their last names for their security, and you can put in little things like f1 and f2 of things like that for your daughters. You can also have screen names. Here, let’s play a little game with our daughters to do it.
Mom: What’s your favorite animal?
Daughter: Horse.
Mom: What’s your favorite drink?
Daughter: Lemonade.
Mom: What’s your favorite color?
Daughter: Pink.
Mom: Alright then. Your name on Meandmydaughter is now LemonPinkHorse, or PinkLemonHorse.

How do you like that? You can choose your daughters names that way or you can choose differently. That was just my idea. I can’t wait to see yours!

There are some things Announcments has to take off the list.

There is now Prayer Requests, and I guess there will be less of all those pages.  There will be more the Announcments have achieved, but for now I will go cross out all the accomplished.

God loves all of us. He wants us to be safe, and happy, and He wants us to love Him. He loved us sooooo much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to us and Jesus died. But He rose again. And we should love God now and praise His goodness. He likes that.